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Green Travel Tips

Before You Leave Home

  • Turn water heater to "Vacation" or lowest setting.
  • Turn off AC/heat or adjust the thermostat to protect plants, etc.
  • Turn water off at outside connection (to prevent flooding should a pipe break while you're gone). When you return, turn on the water slowly and check for problems.
  • Appliances, such as TVs and cable converter boxes, should be unplugged because they can draw or "leak" as much as 40 watts per hour even when they're off.
  • Turn icemaker off (lift wire) to prevent flooding should it break while you're away.
  • Stop your newspaper. You may be able to donate it to a local school.

Preparing for Green Travel

  • Purchase electronic-tickets for airline travel whenever possible. Less waste. If paper tickets are lost, they may cost $75-100 to have replaced.
  • Enjoy walking tours. Walk where sensible.
  • Use public transportation when available.
  • Use the bus or local transit system. Share taxis. Less pollution, and you can leave the driving to others.
  • If you're driving, turn your motor off when idling. Encourage tour/bus drivers to turn the motor off when idling.
  • Don't allow anything to be thrown out of your car windows--ever.

Things to Do at the Resort

  • To keep track of which towel belongs to which family member, pack a handful of safety pins and small colored beads. Attach a pin and bead to each towel, using a designated color for each family member. Remove the pins before checkout.
  • Reduce the amount of water used for bathing or showering.
  • Do not run the linens and towels through the unit washer & dryer prior to check-out.
  • Our thermostats are locked at a comfortable setting. We will unlock them on request.
  • When you leave your unit, turn off the lights, TV and radio. Close the drapes.
  • Carry a dry cleaning or grocery bag with you in which to carry dirty laundry home.
  • Leave little bottles of amenities in the unit if unopened.
  • Keep bar soap wrappers and take used bars of soap home.
  • Instead of leaving bathroom lights (and fans) on all night, pack night lights.
  • If you purchase a newspaper , pass it on to someone else, or leave it in the lobby for another reader.
  • Help reduce paper by allowing us to email your confirmation and receipts.

Green Tips for the Tourist

  • Take only the brochures or maps necessary. Return others to the brochure stand.
  • Don't buy endangered species products such as tortoise shell, ivory, animal skins or feathers. Don't purchase star fish or turtle-shell related souvenirs or any creature that may have been put to death for the sake of a gift shop sale. These animals may have been killed specifically for tourist trade. Sea shells are questionable.
  • Make a pledge to yourself not to maim or kill any living creature other than pest insects. Educate yourself as to which are "beneficials" and which are truly "pests."
  • Use binoculars and cameras to "hunt" animals.
  • Take only photographs. Do not take "souvenirs" from natural areas or historical areas.
  • Leave only footprints. Take everything out that you brought with you. No graffiti, no litter.
  • Support conservation programs.
  • Pick up at least one piece of litter every day-especially at national tourist locations which are vulnerable to huge tourist populations.
  • Take photos with a regular camera. Disposable cameras are very wasteful and expensive. If possible use a digital camera.
  • Buy rolls of film with 36 shots rather than 12 or 24. Packaging waste is reduced, and you'll save about 40%*.
  • Write legibly on your film package. Kodak discards 400,000 rolls of film annually because the return address is illegible.*
  • Expensive cosmetic bags are unnecessary and often do not prevent or control spills. Use zippable plastic bags for cosmetics. Separate bath needs and makeup needs.
  • Rather than buying small size toothpaste tubes, squeeze some toothpaste into a clean contact lens case or contact lens cleaning capsule. Be sure to mark appropriately.
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