Belgium Vacations

  • Nestled between France, Germany and the Netherlands, lies Belgium — a small country comprised of rolling hills, flowing canals and sandy beaches. Often referred to as the “Essence of Europe,” Belgium offers a bit of the best from all over the continent.

    Despite its small size, the country claims more castles per square mile than anywhere else in the world. The capital city of Brussels serves as headquarters for both the European Union and NATO. Beer festivals held throughout the country each year celebrate the hundreds of varieties native to Belgium, and Belgian chocolates are renowned for being some of the world’s finest.

    Northern Belgium

    The Flemish capital of Brussels offers excellent shopping, diverse culinary experiences, and museums covering nearly every subject from art to zoology. Antwerp is a trendy cosmopolitan city known for designer fashions, eccentric architecture and a famed diamond district.

    Southern Belgium

    A visit to Wallonia satisfies a thirst for history, adventure or beer. A bronze lion atop an immense mound marks the site of Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. The Ardennes offers outdoor activities, and monks at Rochefort, Chimay and Orval abbeys brew renowned Trappist beers.

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