• Condo
  • 4 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 9
  • 4 Baths
  • Mountain View
EagleRidge Lodge 308
Steamboat Springs, CO
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1 Reviews

Eagle Ridge Lodge #308 Steamboat Springs, CO

Eagle Ridge Lodge #308 is a great facility for a large family gathering. We had nine in our group in this room (+6 in #311) but had other family visit and it comfortably accommodated our large group of 25 for a meal, though there was not room at a table for everyone. Comfortable beds, plenty of amenities, a nice view of the pool and the mountains. I can only imagine how great it would be for a winter vacation. Very friendly service at the front desk throughout our stay. The espresso machine in the lobby was popular with our group. We were even able to check in early on our arrival date which has never happened at any other vacation facility we visited. One note, though . . . there was no A/C, which we didn't realize before we got there but it was not a problem -- cool nights and fans were available in the unit.

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