• Condo
  • 1 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 7
  • 2 Baths
  • Wooded View
1704 Love Court
Bethany Beach, DE
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2 Reviews

Laurie M|

Crisp, cute and closest west phase to the beach. The unit right next to west pool one. And parking is right outside the door at Love court. It is also an easy walk to see the swans or go to the tennis center. Love that this unit books Sunday to Sunday, we had no traffic. The upstairs is warmer but if the carpet does not cover the vent and the ceiling fan is on the temperature is fine. It has lots of natural light and two big sun decks. Better the the photos. If you like the pictures you will love this place! We will be back.

Don't stay here

Although the unit is cute, the upstairs loft where the king-sized bed and separate bathroom are, is UNBELIEVABLY HOT! We placed fans around but the sun glares in the unit and there are no blinds on the Windows. There are curtains on the sliding glass doors but they do not keep the sun out. Also not good for sleeping in since light comes in constantly. The furniture needs to be replaced in the living room. You can see the foam sticking out at the bottom of the chairs and the fabric is dirty. It's also a pain unpacking car unless you get a spot right up front as entrance is around a path on the side. Unit is in a good location next to a pool but there are many better options. We should have known since this unit was available at a late date. We will book earlier next time and secure a more comfortable unit. It was a sweaty week sleeping in a hot room.

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