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  • 1 Bedrooms
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204 Bethany Beach Inn
Bethany Beach, DE
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A FlipKey verified reviewer|
1st time Rental Disaster

This being my 1st vacation rental, I was really disappointed. I hesitated when booking & then after I booked, I called to ask if the place was really close to the beach, the lady on the other end said "i cannot answer that question" & hung up. What was I thinking?! I just spent all this money for a nice trip for my mom, brother, & I and it might not even be close to the beach! Mind you that the listing said that it was a block away or 2 away from the beach. This is true however you cannot access the beach that is a block away because it is part of a resort - something that should be stated in the description. You need to walk about 3 blocks down & 2 blocks up to access the beach. After we check in, get our keys, ee go to the place and park. The listing says that there are 2 parking spots which there are BUT they are one behind the other. Since there are things chained up in the parking area, you can't pull you car all the way up. The space could really only fit 2 sedans. When my brother came and parked behind me, his car was sticking slighting out of the space and into the street. The listing really should have stated the type of parking - it's pretty tight. Now lets get to when we actually entered the place... there were dead and dying gnats all over the place. They were in the sink, shower, countertops, inside the cabinets. I couldn't believe that we brought in all our stuff only to want to put it back in the car! The place didn't look like it was cleaned at all! I called the number and they said they would put in a work order but couldn't expedite the process or anything. Then went to the leasing office and someone went over to check out the place and really responded "they're just gnats and we will get someone over the clean right now". Why wasn't I allowed to freak out because they were "just gnats"! Excuse me?! When paying so much for a place you expect to be clean upon arrival. Why should I have to deal with gnats that are all up in the cupboards?! They sent some super nice people to clean the place and so we had to leave when we pretty much just got there. Annoyed we headed to the beach - you know, the one that is supposed to be a block away?! Anyways then came the pull out sofa couch - awful. You can feel every spring in that sofa mattress. If I wanted to sleep on the floor, I would have just found a place for 2 people. The sofa bed was really un-sleepable. We ended up piling the cushions on the floor to make a better bed.

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