• Townhome
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 10
  • 2 Baths
  • Community View
57 Tulip Poplar Turn
Ocean View, DE
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A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Almost perfect, with some minor exceptions

The place is beautiful. Clean. excellent neighborhood for kids and families. Only some very minor issues: Our check-in time was 3:00. When we arrived at 3:30, the cleaning service was still there, so we needed to wait 20 more minutes. Not necessarily the house's fault, though. Once we got in, we found there was no toilet paper. "A rude awakening" after a long ride! However in reviewing the contract, I did see that "toilet paper is supplied only with a linen contract", so just be aware of this yourself. But what was a little disappointing, was 3 out of the 5 bikes in the garage were broken in one way or another (bent wheel, broken chain, loose handlebars), making them unrideable. Also a vegetable drawer in the fridge was broken and propped up to appear ok, until you try opening the drawer and it comes off in your hand. The cable reception on the television was pixelated and choppy, breaking up the screen and making it difficult to watch. Was this a result on something affecting all cable in the area, outside the home, or a loose cable wire? I don't know. And finally, one of the four electric burners did not work on the stove. None of these things made a dramatic impact on an otherwise beautiful home, however for the money that was spent on the week, one would hope that these items would be maintained a bit better. Especially the bikes would've made wonderful memories, for us to ride together. The pillows, which usually is key to a good night's sleep- were excellent, and not those typically overstuffed hard pillows you find in a hotel. Again, the house was beautiful, the dinning room table comfortably fit 6. This however isn't meant to be a "slam" on the home, just a hope the owners will address the identified issues to make a good experience even better! Thanks!!

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