Germany Vacations

  • Germany holidays offer the soaring mountains of The Alps and the spectacular shores of the North and Baltic Seas. The picturesque landscape of Germany is dotted with fairytale castles and impregnable fortresses set among dense forests and striking rock formations. River cruises along the famous Rhine, Danube and Elbe rivers offer a unique view of this scenery. Sightseeing tours often include stops at historic towns, ancient castles and classic vineyards. Fabulous fireworks displays brighten the night skies all summer long during the dramatic “Rhine in Flames” event in the Middle Rhine River Valley.

    As the deep green of summer fades to vibrant autumn hues, millions of people flock to Munich to celebrate Oktoberfest. The first Oktoberfest was held in Munich over 200 years ago in honor of Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese. Today, the revelry is spread over 16 days with millions of people in attendance, but it still takes place in Theresa’s Fields, the same site as the original 1810 Oktoberfest. Start your holiday with Wyndham Vacation Rentals, and travel to Germany.

    Central Germany

    Legend has it the Grimm "Red Riding Hood" heroine has her roots in the dark forests of the Knull Hills. The castles of Weserbergland conjure brighter images of lords and ladies, while friendly ale houses in Fritzlar and Alsfeld invite visitors to share their own tales over a frothy stein.

    Eastern Germany

    Not only is Berlin the nation's capital city, it is the country's cultural epicenter. In bygone days, villages in the Thuringia Forest produced such important figures as composer Johann Sebastian Bach, Protestant reformer Martin Luther, and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

    Northern Germany

    The Harz region in Northern Germany is a land of towering peaks, rushing waterfalls and flowing rivers. The Rhine flows through the center of Cologne, past one of the world's largest Gothic cathedrals. Historic Bonn, also on the Rhine, claims Beethoven as its native son.

    Southern Germany

    Mysterious and beautiful, the Black Forest is renowned for the restorative waters of its mineral springs. A journey on the Castle Road reveals 70-odd castles along its 365-mile stretch, including Neuschwanstein, the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle.

    Western Germany

    Prehistoric crater lakes and ancient ruins mark the once-volcanic landscape of the Eifel highlands. The Sauerland is a verdant region of rolling hills and valleys. In the Mosel Valley, castles both ruined and restored overlook the terraced vineyards and winding river below.

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