Surfing Vacations on Hatteras Island


Rising from their long journey in the Atlantic, and building steep faces and white creamy tops, are some of the best waves along the Atlantic seaboard. Surfers, body surfers, boogey boarders and children with rafts ride these faces and experience the thrill of riding the wild surf.

Cape Hatteras is known as the most consistent surf destination on the East Coast and is renowned as one of the best surfing destinations from New York to Florida. Surfers flock from all over to paddle into some of the best waves of their lives. Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert to paddle out. While some surf spots will have larger waves, almost any beach on Hatteras Island can be the perfect practice area for beginners.

Cape Hatteras is widely recognized as the #1 place for surfing on the East Coast of the United States. Many surfers call Cape Hatteras, “The Wave Magnet,” as it sits on the dividing line between the North and South Atlantic Oceans and receives swell from the NW clockwise all the way through the SW.


The consistency and quality of the waves on Hatteras Island makes it a great place to learn how to surf. Beginners are taught the full spectrum of surfing including: paddling techniques, body placement, wave selection, catching a wave and foot placement, as well as surfing etiquette and equipment selection & setup. Want to learn to surf or touch up on some of your moves? Many surf camps or private lessons are offered by a number of places on the Island.

Hot Spots

There are a number of great spots along Hatteras Island that offer consistently good waves and are considered by locals and visitors alike as some of the best surf spots on the island. The unique bending, “boomerang shaped” curve of Cape Hatterasallows surfers to easily find offshore winds in any wind direction by moving 20 miles up or down the coastline.

S-Curves, Avon Pier, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and Frisco Pier are classics. There are also good sandbars at Ramp 38 in Avon and in front of the hotels at the north end of Buxton.

Most often, the best place to go surfing is at the beach closest to you! Just find your way over to the dunes and look left and right to spot the longest breaking wave. Remember, the 2-3 hours on either side of low tide tend to generate the best waves.

Check the conditions before you go by calling the Surf Report at 252-995-4646 for up to date surf and weather conditions.

Rentals & Surf Shops

A number of small shops up and down the island carry a wide selection of surfboards, as well as other gear and surf-brand clothing that is popular in the area. From Volcom, Billabong, Hurley and O'neill you will surely find something unique.

Local rental shops also offer lessons to beginners or wave riders looking to work on their skills. You can rent boards and other water equipment daily or weekly, and they have boards to fit a variety of experience levels.

Check out our online Visitor's Guide for a list of Hatteras Island Surf Shops.


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Homes Close to the Beach
These lists of homes provide you with the most elite locations for a full day at the beach. From Oceanfront to oceanside, these homes can offer truly unique accomodations while keeping you close to the ocean. With homes in all 3 villages and over 560 properties we will surely have something to fit your needs and your budget while still offering a prime location for relaxation after a long day on the water.

Larger Groups & Clubs
Do you have a large group or club that travels together to enjoy kiting together? We have a number of homes that are close in proximity to one another and still in prime locations for your sport.