• Condominium/Townhome
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 6
  • 2 Baths
  • Courtyard View
Villager Condominium 1206
Sun Valley, ID
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A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Sun Valley Condo

This condo unit is an example of the pictures oversold the unit. We paid over $600 per night- and I feel the owners need to do several things to command those prices. Upclose, everything that is personally on your skin, is very old and of low, low quality. The owners seem to be very old, as all of the furnishings date back to the 70's or early 80's when the owners were first retired. Linens, blankets and towels are of the cheapest quality. Up close, comforters and pillows on the couch seem tired, not laundered after years of use. Venetian blinds on the windows are very old, and all of the furnishings are just thrift store quality. My biggest complaints for a high priced mountain ski condo is the lack of warmth or ambiance. There is none here. When you walk inside the unit, the first thing that you notice is the cheap , worn carpet with three, distinct clothing iron burns where someone set an iron face down right in front of the laundry/dining room. As a host, I would have replaced the damaged carpet years ago! That and the old faded chicken wallpaper, tired, dingy blinds that are there to greet you. Second, the most important piece of living room furniture is the lazy boy type rocking chair. This old guy is broken. Two of our guests sat in it and fell off. It immediately goes all the way back when you sit on it. So glad it wasn't my 76 year old mother with a bad hip. This is a major insurance liability. But speaking of liability, the Fireplace, which is essential in a mountain cabin rental, is very, very dangerous! You have to turn it on by reaching INTO the fireplace and turning a knob that is right to the left of the fake wood. Imagine how hot that knob is after 4-6 hours of use? My husband and I were so afraid to reach in and turn it off at night- for good reason- the knob was burning hot. I inquired if we should use a pot holder- and I then realized that it would go up in flames. It was awful! Every night we had to figure out a way to reach in a turn the hot knob off. Very dangerous! Lastly, my notes on the kitchen. Please spend $100 and upgrade the kitchen tools. We booked a condo to cook. I had to purchase a large pasta pot, as they provide you a very small collection of small Camp like cookware. Nothing suitable for a family of four cooking dinners at home. The can opener is from 1950- it was so relic like- how expensive can a modern hand held can opener be? $4.00 at Target? The spice rack on the counter is just for decor- it needs to be thrown out. The color of all the spices are beige from years of light exposure. As a cook, I went down to Atkinson's and purchased $75 worth of cooking spices. I wouldn't use them, but some people I'm sure would if they didn't look at the bottom of the jar. Bottom line- if you ask people to pay over $600 per night, spend a few dollars to make your home comfortable and safe. I think this home is worth $400 per night until then. Note: I told the manager Peter my thoughts and he said he and his staff who manage over 100 units-have asked the owners repeatedly to invest in their property. To no avail. Peter was genuinely remorseful and handled our complaints very kindly, as he is just the manager. I think that there a good units, and there are the ones you hope you don't get. We weren't so lucky this trip. Deena R. Pacific Palisades

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Great condo

It had air conditioning which is rare!!! Can't bet that! I have stayed in Sun Valley for years and this is a first with central air! Now if Sun Vallet Lodge would step it up everything would have been perfect! A new GM for one thing and a nicer wait staff!

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