• Home
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 6
  • 2 Baths
  • Golf/Lagoon View
Treeloft 819
Seabrook Island, SC
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2 Reviews


Seabrook is fabulous and our family had a good time, but this condo was unacceptable. The couch is broken, there is peeling drywall behind the couch, hole in the bThroom door, elevated nails in the porch, etc. I left a list with the management company of things that need to be fixed. I would not stay here without confirmation that improvements have been undertaken.

Wow - heed the disclaimer on property condition!

The community was beautiful, a dream community to live in. Very nice, quiet, residential area within a 15 minute door-to-shore biking time frame. The property itself was unacceptable in two key areas. The couch was unusable. The frame was broken, so when you sat on the cushions, you pretty much hit the floor. I know the frame was broken because when I lifted the cushions out, I saw the living room floor, plus a bunch of stuff which had apparently gone missing, like the tv remote. Another cushion was resting on the floor under the first layer of cushions, presumably to provide some support? We left that cushion there and wedged three boogie boards under the other cushions to provide a little bit of support. This just should not be! While examining the couch, I noticed that the particle board-wall board behind the couch was peeled off in fairly large spots, with visible water damage. Yikes! These two finding prompted me to examine the home more closely and I found lots of drip marks on pretty much all of the walls, from a leaking roof. I don't know if the leak was recent or not, but the walls looked bad up close. There were other miscellaneous holes in the walls, nothing I couldn't live with, and the rest of the furniture, although worn, was OK. Just not the couch! The home itself was very cute, and quite comfortable. Maybe from non-use, but there were a ton of spider webs replete with spiders. We took down the ones we could reach. I at first thought there was no washer and dryer, but the morning after our arrival I located it in the basement (which you access from outside). The kitchen supplies were ample and clean. The bathrooms worked well, the beds were comfy. Overall, I'd love to stay in this community again, unfortunately just not this unit, the way it is. To be fair, there was a disclaimer in the "ad" that the furnishings and conditions were a little run down, but from my experience with having my parents rent out their beach side condo in another area of SC, this was too run down for my taste. The rental company should screen their properties better.

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