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Lake Village 23
Isle Of Palms, SC
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8 Reviews

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Very disappointing, not clean, lights not working

The price you should pay is no more than $40.00 a night. We have stayed here before. It has never been like this.

A TripAdvisor Member|
Frat House Rental

Convenient location and roomy house. However, it needs major cleaning and repairs. It appears as if the owner has left the country and left the house to be rented; without any consideration of upkeep. The agency does note that the property is "not the quality usually provided" so we were forewarned! I would recommend it to college kids since they would not mind the circumstances...and they couldn't hurt the place.

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A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Think of it as a cabin

It needs a lot of maintenance. Carpets are stained, insects are abundant. It's no luxury stay, but we decided that if you think of it as a cabin, it's quite nice. We have actually stayed there twice because we saved so much money staying there. I can only recommend if budget is more important than amenities.

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Needs some Maintenance

We stayed in this house last year and this year. There are some maintenance issues. The gutters were full of leaves and sticks which must have cause some issues with leaks. There were 3 air purifiers in the house and some mold issues. We love staying in this house so we hate to see it not being taken care of. It has nice big rooms and close to the beach. Someone just needs to give it a little TLC.

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Very dirty, moldy, and smelly!

We stayed in this house during the last week of July and first week of August 2016. This house was extremely dirty! The floors were so nasty that we had to go buy house shoes to keep from having dirty feet. There is a serious mold issue. Visible in the Kitchen and Bathrooms. There were so many cobwebs, I thought they were decorating for Halloween. And, there were lizards and spiders inside the house. On top of all of this, we planned to cook meals at the house. The pots had old food crusted to the bottom. We had to soak the pots overnight to even get them clean. We had to call maintenance several times. The hallway bathroom toilet ran constantly. And, the glass sliding door did not lock. Which makes you uneasy in a strange house. The smell in the house is still stuck in some of my clothes. They have strong air freshener out to mask the old, dirty, moldy smell in the house. I have used Wyndham in the past with no problems. But, this stay made me question using them in the future!

Bargain Price but....for what we needed it worked

Very dated and definitely a mold issue...fans need to be run the entire time and needed fabreeze, which Guest service sent out, a few times...great location, beds were fine. We had an issue with the TV and it was replaced very quickly.

This house is was in very bad sharpe. I would not stay there at all. Mold everywhere and to light or

I would have to said that customer service there is great and Scott found us another place at 12:am he was great and Dee was great too. Thanks guys. You are the best and my children happy. I would tell my friends about how great the company was.

OK House, nothing to "write home about"

Nice house, but very spartan in furnishings. No wifi, wbut which we knew going in. No ceiling fans anywhere in the house, which would have been nice. The absense of a ceiling fan on the screened porch made it unusable with the heat and hmidity. Cockroaches were seen by two occupants.

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