• Cabin
  • 1 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 8
  • 2 Baths
  • Mountain View
Mountain Dream At Starr Crest
Pigeon Forge, TN
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7 Reviews

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Great weekend!

The cabin was clean and comfortable. The view when waking up in the morning was refreshing and romantic.

Mountain Dream

Our weeklong stay in this beautiful cabin was nothing less than amazing. It was clean, spacious and so much fun. I would stay in this cabin again and again. The view was beautiful, especially from the hottub, it was quiet and peaceful.

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A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Highway robbery

$306 a night, far from $306 a night quality. The only positive was good location between pigeon forge and gatlinburg. Arrived and the a/c was inoperable. Unit was frozen and it was only 79 outside. Thermostat set on 75 so it was not overworked. Was 82 in our cabin. Sleeper sofa was literally metal could covered by a thin sheet. For this price point there should be zero issues. Especially issues with beds and hvac. Sent emails to the cabin owners and rental company with zero response. Still no response and this was all 3 weeks ago

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Not very restful

This cabin has it's ups and downs. It location is very nice. You are far enough away from the bustling streets of Pigeon Forge that it's nice and quiet , but close enough that aren't put out if you want to go out with the family. The staff at the rental office were very polite and vigilant in making sure we had all our necessary information for finding and accessing the cabin. The down side was neither bed was comfortable. The upstairs was way too soft and the down stairs was at the opposite end of the spectrum. After spending the day out and about I really would have liked to have had a better sleeping situation. The pluses out way the minuses but my back( not their fault) won't let me stay there again.

Kenneth I|
Shocking disrepair

Wow. Someone who stayed at this same cabin NINE MONTHS AGO had the exact same complaints we did! The carpet was still torn up (with an exposed tack strip); the beds were still horribly uncomfortable and in need of replacing; the downstairs showerhead was still broken; the air hockey table still did not work properly; the view was still pretty obstructed... Clearly the quality of Sugar Maple Cabins (now Wyndham Vacation Rentals) has gone down substantially in the past couple of years. All that being said, it was not as bad as staying at a motel at least. The place was still clean, and at least the hot tub and electronics worked. Starr Crest is also a good location to be in - isolated enough for a peaceful feel but close enough to Pigeon Forge's "main drag" to be convenient to wherever you want to go. One other downside I'll mention, however, is that the cabin's location on a cul-de-sac, plus the horribly noisy neighbors we had (from a rival rental company) made the so-called "quiet hours" that were promised useless. There was no recourse except to try and ask them to be quiet (which we did, unsuccessfully). Not our best trip.

Kiersten S|
You found it!

Mountain Dream at Starr Crest was more than what we were expecting! The cabin was perfect for our short family Christmas vacation. It had many amenities and the location was perfect if you wanted to be up in the mountains, but still really close to the attractions that Pigeon Forge offers. We would stay here again and cannot wait to go back!!!

Beautiful view, but expected much more of the cabin"

Stayed at Mountain Dream for 6 nights 7 days. The view was very good, however they need to trim some of the trees that obstruct portions of the view. The kids loved the pool table. The air hockey table is small, old, and the pucks don't slide. The beds were old, worn out, and extremely uncomfortable. We were able to feel the springs and the dips on each side were laughable. The downstairs shower head was loose and broken. The overall cleanliness was well below average. We spent the better half of the first day cleaning up, dusting, and disinfecting. The carpet leading into the downstairs bedroom was ripped up at the threshold and I had to nail down the carpet tacks so they wouldn't gouge the bottoms of our feet. The cabin has a very limited supply of utensils, and we ended up borrowing a can opener from a nearby cabin. All in all this cabin was in average to poor condition. NO WIFI either. We were sadly disappointed. Everyone we spoke to that stayed near our cabin, bragged of how wonderful their property was. Unfortunately I could not recommend this property to anyone.

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