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  • 1 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 4
  • 1 Baths
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Shipwatch 2266
Kiawah Island, SC
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A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Very outdated and needs a lot of repairs.

To Whom it May Concern, A per night rate of $260 (weekend rate of $526) is very excessive due to the state of the condition of Shipwatch 2266. The condo was definitely not acceptable in the following ways: 1. There are numerous wall outlets that do not allow devices to be plugged into them. The electrical outlets are not tight enough to hold the prongs of an electrical charging device and we had to unplug many items just to find an outlet that would charge a device at all. There was also no GFIC outlets mandated by building code in the bathrooms which did not allow us use any appliances (hair dryer, styling tools) safely next to the sink. 2. The couch in the den looked like it was picked up off the side of the road. The couch and the cushions were not of the same pattern and very outdated and unclean. 3. The light in the hallway ceiling of the bedroom did not have a glass dome around to protect the lightbulb - there was just a single light bulb hanging down. 4. The lamp shade in the den was torn/ripped. 5. The carpet had many stains throughout the condo and was very dirty and unclean. I do not understand how such a unit could be acceptable to rent through Wyndham Vacation Rentals. We did let the employee who checked us out of our rental at your office on Kiawah Island know about the conditions, but we also wanted to have this in writing.

Is it that bad????

Overall, the property needs updating and the owner can do a few small things to make it better. Our reason for going to the beach is to go to the beach and not stay inside that much. The other reviewer had issues with the TV,the smell and the noisy appliances - did not encounter these issues.. How about the fact that it was 50 yards from the beach, had a partial ocean view, had deer right outside the window, had very few people on the beach even at the height of the day, was relatively cheap, etc. Would I rave about it? Not for the property but for what we were looking for, it was great for a long weekend getaway. I would recommend this property with these caveats.

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Joseph H|
Needs updating!! And quickly.

The second we opened the door and walked into the condo, I suspected we might be in for a disappointment. There was a musty smell that made me wonder if the place had even been opened in months. I attributed that to the ocean moisture and didn't worry too much. But that thought quickly dissipated when I saw the décor that hadn't been touched since the 70's, and a refrigerator that looked (and sounded) like it had just come from a thrift store. But I think we were most stunned when we opened the TV cabinet to discover a television that was so old it had a VHS player built into it. I had no idea they still existed. I mean, come on - the owner can't invest even just a few hundred dollars for a TV from this century?? Now, I will say that there was a flat screen tv in the bedroom - but it was teeny tiny and only got 1 channel. One channel. And maybe also look into a new couch. It was old and reeked. It was obvious that the owner keeps the good cushions hidden away for themselves because they didn't even come close to matching the frame. In fact .. it was so uncomfortable that we would stay away at night because it was hard to enjoy the condo. What a shame that this condo needs so much updating so badly. Because the ocean-front location was lovely ... And Kiawah is such a wonderful place.

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