• Home
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 6
  • 2 Baths
  • Golf/Lagoon View
Golf Shore 458
Seabrook Island, SC
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5 Reviews

A TripAdvisor Member|
We enjoyed our stay in Seabrook and the unit we stayed in was excellent

My family of 6 stayed in the unit very comfortable. It was very clean and well decorated. The sunroom was very beautiful. We had breakfast in the sunroom and watched the deer on the golf course.For the price we could not find anything compared to this unit.We look forward to going back to Seabrook again next year. I would highly recommend this unit.

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
I wish we could stay longer!

The place was well clean and very comfortable. The view was very beautiful and well kept. Seabrook Island is one of the best resort anyone can stay at. The beaches are clean and are not crowded. I would recommend this place to anyone.

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Golf 458

The place was kind of far from Charleston, with traffic it was a 45 minute drive, but i enjoyed being on Seabrook Island. The house was amazing, felt like home away from home. We cooked meals there, which was nice for breakfast. The people couldn't have been more helpful, the equestrian center and pool house were very accessible. This was one of our favorite vacations as a family, I would recommend this house and experience to anyone.

Get Away

This is a conveniently located villa within 5 minutes of the beach. The enclosed sun room is the focal point of the villa. We had a problem calibrating the remote controls for the TVs, but once everything was explained, things worked out quite well.

bikes dont work and the owner didn't respond to call for help.

Called the owner and he never called me back, forgot the combination to the lock for the 4 bikes and he didn't call back. There were suppose to be 4 bikes but only three were operable and I need to go buy a wrench to get them working. Had to rent another bike which was one of the reasons I rented from them in the first place. Place was clean and otherwise fine but the bikes were in poor shape and I was mad that the owner didn't call me back with the combination, we eventually figured it out but all in all....wouldn't rent from them again.

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