• Cabin
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 8
  • 2 Baths
  • Mountain View
Best Of View
Pigeon Forge, TN
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Beautiful, spacious - missing air hockey

Excellent location(close to national park, Dollywood, city centers, restaurants, food) and breathtaking views. Best for family of 4 and not more comfortably. Views, pool table, beds, dishes, appliances, A/C, fireplace (2 of them) was excellent. I enjoyed washed sheets, soap, clean bathrooms and comfy beds. Outside was also beautiful with grill and bear proof trash bins. Furniture, light fixtures were good. Everything worked but I have the following issues. Yes we did enjoy our stay and location is beautiful, better than the pics. - Air hockey was shown in pics and main reason we rented. Guess what, NO AIR HOCKEY infact it is replaced with bigger TV with fireplace. - Unable to use club house pool. We took kids, went up to the pool only to be told owner didn't pay dues. - No free Wi-Fi was frustrating to me - Outside of cabin is worn out, shows aging, rocking chairs faded and deck beam one of them is bent up/popping out . Needs revamp and updates. Carpet downstairs and couch downstairs needs replacement or cleaning.

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Nice location and beautiful view.

Great location close to all local attractions (Gatlinburg & Piegon Forge). Beautiful view of the mountains. Furniture in cabin needs updated, carpet downstairs needs cleaned or replaced also drafty wall cracks need to be sealed (mid level of cabin was cold especially the bath room). Could not use the club house amminities due to the cabbin owner did not pay membership dues! Club House should be accessible with that is charged for this cabin!

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A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Best of View

The cabin was really nice and clean. The view was amazing. We were provided with basic home wares such as cooking utensils. I would stay again at this cabin and recommend to friends.

Brian N|
Nice Cabin but Needs Improvement's

We stayed in a cabin the was not updated to date. The cabin Best Of View in Legacy subdivision. Many great things about this cabin and many issue the need to be resolved. What you see here on the pictures is not exactly what you will see when you get there. Clean cabin, great view but some things need fixing or updated to date. The tv downstairs was not plugged and come to find out the plug was 2' short to reach the outlet. We went and bought a cord so the TV can be used. The ceiling fans are warped and make lots of noise while running, hard to sleep. The air hockey table is old and doesn't work correctly and doesn't blow air the way it should. The windows are very dirty and cloudy. Looking off the back of the balcony into the woods there lots of trash down below. The wood planks on the rear porch are lifting and need replacing, trip hazard. To top it off on our last night there we returned back to our cabin and there was NO RUNNING WATER at all. It was 8 degree outside and we could even that showers. We had to use the spa water from outside to flush toilets, i called customer service and they sent us a repair man but couldn't fix it, they wanted to move use at MIDNIGHT and I said NO, because the kids were sleeping and than pack everything up at MIDNIGHT in 8 degree weather. They moved us to a different cabin with running water the next day. The moved sucked because we had to pack everything up food, pack bag, kids, and everything else after we were settled in and all of the innocence for just no more day. We had to leave dirty dishes because of NO WATER. The cabin we were moved to was SMALLER, the view was not the same as for what we paid for. The time it took to move was a waste of my vacation. It took away from my family time and other things to do that we had planned for on my day that we had to move. WVC disappointed me with there sorry and only offered me only a 10% discount if i plan to return again. They should have offered me my 35% discount or more that i paid for on this trip. We have stayed multiple time with WVC but it likely that we not will return back as thru the years there prices keep going up and up and the customer service is just OK.

Very Nice

This cabin is amazing in terms of the setting and the view. It's also in nice condition for the most part. In general, we had a blast with the vacation and loved the place. There were just a few bummers that - if fixed - would have made it a great property. First, I hadn't noticed when booking that the place didn't have WiFi. For some reason, with it under professional management (Wyndham), I ignorantly assumed it would have WiFi. It was very difficult settling plans for activities without connection to the internet. Also, while we didn't come to the cabin to watch TV, our kids definitely enjoyed downtime at night. The main TV in the cabin was very old, and the singe remote didn't control the DVD player. This was an annoying nuisance more than anything. We left a message with management to ask about getting a remote, but never got a call back. Lastly, we loved turning the A/C off and opening windows, but one screen was missing and another had holes in it. The missing screen was in the main room, which only had two windows that opened - so by leaving it shut, there was very little air in the main room. Also, it appeared by the initially stuck-shut windows and dusty blinds and window frames that the windows hadn't been opened and cleaned in a while.

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nice cabin

The cabin is a good fit for family of 4, spacious and enjoyable with nice views. However, all the TVs are outdated, and we did not have Wi-Fi, contradictory to the internet information. The TV in the living room is fading in color, and all other TVs are small and older. Carpet on stairs going down to lower level is very dirty.

Shun C|

The cabin and the location of the cabin was great. I did have a few issues that if they did not exist it would have been perfect. 1. The carpet was really dirty. Either replace or clean it REALLY good. 2. Update your air hockey machine. It was usable but really old...like it looked 10 yrs old. 3. Fridge did not make ice. 4. Furniture was a little worn to me. All in all it was well worth the price but I think with a few minor upgrades this cabin would be top notch!

A FlipKey verified reviewer|
Amzing Cabin

It was excellent stay at best of view cabin which had a lot of facilities, but I have 2 comments: 1. Downstairs' s room' s closet was closed by the owner where I called customer service and they told me we cannot do anything as its closed by the owner!! 2. No internet connection.

Stephanie S|
Home away from home.

This was our 3rd time back to Legacy view cabins in less than a year. That should sum it all up on how much we loved it!! we had to call the office twice about minor issues and they took care of everything with in the hour. We can not Wait to go back.

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