• Cabin
  • 1 Bedrooms
  • Sleeps 4
  • 2 Baths
  • Mountain View
Big Sky
Pigeon Forge, TN
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Big Sky is a good name because that the best view, up.

Accommodations were very nice except for the following: 1) The view from the Hot Tub/Deck was the back of the cabin across the street. 2) The TV in the bedroom was an old small screen tube type and needs to updated to a LCD. 3) Air Conditioning on the first floor did not cool the bedroom adequately. 4) No information about WiFi connectivity, using the DVD/VCR and TV so the visitor doesn't have to try an figure that stuff out by trial and error.

Big Sky - The Preserve Resort

The cabin was worn, with a broken door frame in the bedroom (which was repaired the same day as reported) with worn/broken furniture. There was a Christmas tree up in June, and we were supposed to have access to a pool, which we did not have when we arrived. It took 3 days of working on it (calling Wyndham and going into the pool office all while we were on vacation) to gain access... which we finally got the day before we were leaving. The pool was a major issue for us as we have 2 small children that only wanted to swim. We would not recommend this cabin, or booking thru Wyndham. The ladies we spoke to were all very nice, and understood our frustration, but could not do anything to help us until the owners took care of the problem. I believe that since it was shown on their website as this cabin having pool access, we should have been given the access code while they worked on the issues internally.

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Beautiful place

I absolutely loved it!!!.It was so relaxing and breath taking.It was like something out of a magazine.It was only me and my husband for our anniversary.We had so much space.Our only problem is that the air wasn't working on the top entrance and our fireplace did not work.We only got 50.00 reimburse back wish should have been more.I loved it and will be booking again for more vacation.Hopefully the air and fireplace will work.

Good potential with several challenges....

Pros - Property is visually pleasing and well furnished. Gives you the log cabin feel. - Overall the entire property was clean and well kept. The chapel, pavilion, and pool were well maintained - Beautiful views of the valleys and mountains - Very spacious, especially considering it sleeps 4 - Two maintenance concerns were dealt with quickly - Hot tub, toilets, sinks were all clean and in good working condition Cons - Cabin is starting to show general wear and tear. On closer inspection the carpet and furniture could use deep cleaning and/or replacing - The inside of the master shower doors were covered in mold and mildew and did not appear to have been cleaned for some time. First floor bathroom had a similar problem, although not to the same extent - As you might expect in the woods, there were some bugs in the cabin. Not a big deal. But we did find four dead and one live scorpion. Dead scorpions indicate that they are trying to treat the problem. The fact that there were five in total proves the treatment is not quite good enough. - Microwave was not operational, but after one call to maintenance, it was replaced within 24 hours. - The rotten eggs smell of the water, particularly in the showers needs to be addressed. For a property at this price point, usable water is a basic expectation. - No wireless internet, again this is becoming a basic expectation at this price point - Property description and photos on web site do not accurately reflect the spacing of the cabins. There are approximately 15- 20 cabins within a few hundred yards of one another. If you are looking for seclusion, this is not it. - While the pavilion and the chapel are a main attraction for this area, music from a wedding reception went on well into the night and could be heard easily in our cabin - Received a visit from a bear on multiple occasions. While this is exciting and a once in a lifetime opportunity, it was prompted by the bear proof garbage cans being in poor repair. This results in the bear making his rounds in the morning and evening looking for food in the broken garbage cans. Bear took our garbage and neighbor's garbage into the woods and ate it. Again, while exciting, trash receptacles put the bear and the residents at great risk. - The sink drain in the master bathroom was very slow to drain. - Exterior of all cabins at this location need restained or refinished all the way around, rather than just on the front side - Called property management staff prior to arrival specifically to ask about charcoal grill. They checked and called back to report that there were none on site and no loaners available. On arrival at the property, discovered that each cabin had at least one charcoal grill right next to it. While this is not a big deal, it did alter our meal plans. Initially the property is very impressive, looks nice and is well maintained. On deeper inspection it appears maintenance and cleanliness is not as high of a priority as it should be. We spent five nights and four days for a total of just over $1000 in mid September. With a few improvements, this could be a great location if close neighbors aren't a concern or if planning a large event with multiple families or needed multiple cabins.

Make sure it's clean

Really enjoyed our stay except for one thing. We went to use whirlpool tub in the bathroom and noticed some bubbles. Knowing it wasn't clean we shut off the tub and noticed black bits floating in the water and a large clump of black hair. Since the tub had obviously not been cleaned we called to have it taken care of. After several calls to the help desk and no one coming to take care of it we have up on the second day.

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