Travel Protection Insurance

Protect Your Vacation Investment with Trip Preserver® Travel Insurance from Red Sky

If a significant weather event or unforeseen illness threatened your travel plans, would your vacation investment be secure? If your luggage were lost or your trip delayed by a carrier, would you be reimbursed for additional lodging or the cost to replace necessary personal effects? What if you lost your job or your children's school year was extended?

Sun Trip Preserver sets the standard for hurricane coverage.

With more provisions and fewer limitations than any competitive policy, Sun Trip Preserver is designed to insure vacation rentals at coastal, lake and small mountain destinations. Coverage includes trip cancellation due to:
     •  Hurricane
     •  Flooding
     •  Mandatory evacuation, inaccessibility and uninhabitability due to hurricane.

Ski Trip Preserver is truly one of a kind.

Red Sky offers the most comprehensive product available in the industry with a snow provision to cover ski-destination specific events:
     •  Loss or theft of ski passes.
     •  Lack of snowfall.
     •  Avalanche resulting in closure of ski facilities.
     •  Transportation costs to nearby ski resorts (if applicable) in the event of lack of snowfall or closure of ski facilities.
     •  Reimbursement for sporting equipment rental if baggage delayed more than 12 hours.